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Saltillo Sealer Desert Brand MS Clear 100

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Desert Brand Master Sealer Solvent: will Deepen the color of the material, such as Mexican Pavers and Saltillos.

Desert Brand Master Seal is a high performance clear sealer manufactured specifically for sealing Saltillo tile, including surfaces such as exposed aggregate concrete, brick, slate, and manufactured stone. Master Seal is suitable for exterior applications where resistance to water, efflorescence, ultraviolet light, abrasion, staining and mildew is needed. Master Seal in clear will provide a penetrating, non yellowing satin gloss appearance while darkening the porous substrate. Master Seal is also available in six standard colors and is packaged in one and five gallon containers. Both Master Seal pigmented and clear sealers are not recommended for nonporous or dense surfaces.

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Instructions for Use

Surfaces must be clean, free of grease, oil, dirt, wax, or other foreign matter. Prepare all surfaces by using a hot water pressure washer. Make certain that the bond to any previously applied stain or sealer is secure by applying sealer to a small area and checking for possible lifting before proceeding. On newly installed tile or brick, allow for grout joints to dry thoroughly before applying sealer. New concrete surfaces must be aged at least 30 days prior to applying sealer. For best results on vehicle traffic surfaces, previous sealers or coatings should be removed to base concrete.

Method of Application

Stir contents thoroughly and during application to insure full suspension of slip resistant additives. After thorough preparation of surfaces, Master Seal can be applied by brush or roller. Apply sealer as-is or use Desert Brand Retarder to increase drying time of sealer. Two or more applications may be necessary depending upon the porosity of the surface being sealed. One gallon of sealer will cover 200 - 300 square feet, depending upon the surface porosity. For best results, sealer should be applied when surface temperature is between 55° - 85° F. Allow 24 hours between coats for proper curing. It is recommended that foot traffic remain off the finished sealed surface for 24 hours. For heavy traffic, allow 72 hours for curing.

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Additional Info

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